How We Started

Welcome to COGI Apparel!

COGI Apparel was created by Super Bowl Champion Danny Copeland and his wife, Joann Copeland, in Southwest Georgia in the 1990s. Upon returning to the South after his time in professional football, Danny and Joann recognized the need to help children in his hometown learn how to legally make money to support their needs, whether helping supplement family income or paying for new sneakers to play a sport. While initially created as a fundraiser for young athletes, the brand carried an identity and a message with hope for an eternity. From screen printing to custom fabrics and original design, COGI Apparel focuses on making items you feel confident in while providing a statement of who we are in Christ Jesus.

Over the years, COGI apparel has reemerged as a means of fundraising to pay training fees, entry fees for events, and travel for students who otherwise would not have been able to afford participation. In 2023, COGI Apparel emerged as its own entity under the direction of Danny Copeland II, carrying the same message of hope that it has since the late 90s with a new desire to reach others worldwide.

Who We Are

We believe that we are all unified as one body. We need each other. The next person that comes into your life may need encouragement. We aim to provide it. As believers in Jesus, we are held to a standard. This standard allows us to love others just as we love ourselves. To have integrity even when we don't feel like it. We go against the cultural norm to uplift and bless the people around us. We realize that it is hard to bless someone when we are so focused on ourselves. We represent the King of Kings in how we live our lives. We set an example for others to be who they are created to be. We are loved, valued, and treasured by God our Father. This is where we find our self-worth.

About The Acronym

COGI is an acronym for Children Of Godly Inheritance.

In God, we all have an inheritance that He wants to give us. When we choose to live for Him, we receive that inheritance. We can live at peace knowing God loves and fulfills us. This knowledge is where our hope and strength remain.

We are COGI!